“Steve and I were so impressed after meeting you and Nick today and with the work Nick accomplished in such a short period of time.  Finally, IT support who actually listens to us and takes the time to understand our company needs!  Even though the hourly rate is a little higher than our previous technician, Nick’s efficiency more than made up for the difference.
I really appreciate that you came out on the first site visit, it makes for an unforgettable first impression.  I’m so grateful and relieved I made the call today!  We’re looking forward to working with you going forward.”

Amy Harrison, Blackhawktile & Stone

“You’re the first IT company that has left my office and didn’t make me grumble under my breath that “I hate IT companies.”
Beth, Summit Machine

“Changing IT providers can be a tough decision but we needed faster support and more experience than the provider we were using. Switching to Olson Technology was painless and additionally reduced our annual technology costs. I highly recommend them.”
Tom Rickert, Rickert Media

“Larry and his team have been like my personal help desk. I have used them countless times for simple software requests to complete computer overhauls. They have been an invaluable source of support for my home based business.”
Lisa N, Eden Prairie

“I just started using Olson Technology for my computer assistance. My last provider, Geek Squad, was getting over priced and I felt they were learning while charging to fix my issues. To date Larry and his team have quickly serviced my needs at a great price, Thanks!”
Kathryn R, Minnetonka

“I added another computer to my arsenal and Larry helped with cleaning up the system on my new (used) computer along with file and e-mail transfers. Not a small task, especially the e-mail side, since I was going from an e-mail provider to outlook. He did an incredible job. I will continue to work with Olson Technology!”
PJ Lloyd, Eden Prairie

“Olson Technology just took over the IT support for our small business. To date, everything is going great. They came in and cleaned up everyone’s computer then set them up for remote support. Now when we have an issue, we just call and they log into our machine and see just what issues we are having. We are all pleased with the change.”
Tim N, Eden Prairie

“I moved my remote IT computer service over to Olson Technology last month. They have been a breath of fresh air compared to my last provider. They have been very responsive, offered fast solutions, with great results. I really feel like they see us as a part of their team. “
Jim B, Eden Prairie

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