Site Services


On-Site Service

We will come directly to your business to assist with your needs. During this time, we will assess your issue and inform you of the fastest, most cost effective way to resolve the problem. Most issues can be fixed on-site, but at times items need to be taken off-site. This is because we can work on multiple items at the same time which saves you money.

During our first visit, we will offer you the option to be set up in our system for remote access. This saves money by eliminating travel time and provides quicker problem resolution because we will be able to connect remotely into your computer with your permission and provide faster resolution to your issues.

Off-Site Service

Off-site service can be via phone, email or remote access. Remote service allows us to access your computer remotely. With your permission, we are able to access your computer remotely and see what you are seeing and provide immediate resolution to your issues. Remote support is generally the fastest and most affordable of all support options.

Note: Time is charged in 1/4 hour increments with a 60 minute minimum for on-site visits.