Technology can be complicated. Finding someone to streamline it and make it work, shouldn’t be complicated. Olson Technology offers leading edge business solutions from decades of top level IT expertise in the industry.

We are a team of highly experienced and dedicated individuals who are committed to safeguarding our clients networks and systems and keeping them up and running in the most efficient, cutting edge manner.

Founder Larry Olson saw the plight and confusion business owners face when confronted with IT issues and computer problems. Who can they trust to create an IT solution that works and is highly efficient for their company. Additionally, people working in larger companies or corporate settings usually have help desks to assist their on-going needs. The rest are left to their own devices to try and find solutions and get the professional help they need. This “figuring it out” process is an expensive waste of a company’s time and money. It takes people away from what is most important – their own work.

Although there are big local support companies, many people share the same concerns:

  • Too expensive
  • Too much time and trouble, felt inconvenient
  • Lack of confidence and comfort level with the service and recommendations
  • Lack of personalized support

To address the needs and frustrations above, Olson Technology was created.

larry olsonFounder & Owner Larry Olson

In 2008, after 25+ years in top level IT positions in the technology industry, Larry founded Olson Technology. He saw the need for a local company that serviced the necessities of small to large business owners that was missing in the marketplace. They have the same computer needs that corporate users do, but they often do not have the IT support of their counterparts РOlson Technology is their Answer. Larry lives in Eden Prairie with his wife and son.

Email: larry@olsontechsupport.com or call: 952.451.7747

epcOlson Technology is a member of the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce.

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Senior Technician Opening

Business is growing. You could be the next employee at Olson Technology. We are looking for Senior Computer, Network, and Server technicians.

Please send your resume to support@olsontecsupport.com